a new model for connection 


Many souls living in 'developed' nations today feel ‘out of touch’ with what truly matters in life. We feel disconnected from meaning and purpose. We often feel isolated and lonely. There is a sense of having been cut adrift from meaningful connection with others and who we really are.

When we cannot resonate with the world around us, we cannot link with it. We are unable to expand, respond, or receive. We become isolated and ill.
— Anodea Judith

There are many different ways in which we can relate to another. Whilst the nuances within our daily life experiences seem unique, we can connect – resonate - with others through the sharing of our stories, feelings, and thoughts.

What is resonance?

All of life is rhythmic; from the microscopic atoms within each of our cells, to the waves in the ocean, to the beating our hearts, and the rise and fall of our chests with each inhalation and exhalation. Everything is vibrating at its own rhythmic pattern or frequency. Resonance is the synchronisation between these vibrational frequencies. Resonance is when two (or more) like frequencies come into contact with one another.

Resonant frequencies have a tendency to bond together and when they do, something truly remarkable happens: the connected, resonant frequency is amplified - the resonant frequency is strengthened, reinforced, and intensified.

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How do we resonate?

Resonance occurs when something from within us echoes with the external world. The form of this provocation, the resonant source, may be something someone said in conversation or the way a person made you feel, it can be found between the covers of a book, within a piece of music, or when gazing at a painting or the intricacies of the world around us, it can even be felt when in a certain place at a certain time of day. We feel a palpable energy surrounding the printed words, the paint stokes, the beat of a song, or the utterance of another. A powerful back-and-forth union of energy, like an electrical charge, springs up between us and the resonant source.

Have you ever met a kindred spirit? It occurs when we meet someone and their energy or many things that they say and share resonate and ring true with us. We feel this deep sense of connection with their soul and often feel as though there is some meaning or reason as to why our paths have crossed. The experience feels magical in the way described by Lint and can occur between anything or anyone regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, or any other means by which humans have labelled and drawn lines of difference and separation between one another.

Time can be of the essence as to whether something or someone resonates with us. A resonant source can sometimes only speak to us at a certain moment in time and will therefore likely pass us by unnoticed if encountered too early along our journey or in the event that it arises again in the future. This is because this resonant source, like our yoga practice, has met us where we are currently at in life; perhaps it delivered an important lesson or perspective on a situation in life that will soon pass and will no longer be of relevance on a day just around the corner. On other occasions, something resonates with who we are so deeply that it will forever resonate and sing to our soul because it speaks to the very essence of who we are.

Resonance feels like…

Resonance transcends merely being in agreeance in thought: it is a felt experience of connection. It adds quality and richness to life. To resonate feels like we are on the same wavelength. We feel an affinity, a sense of oneness, a deep and meaningful kind of connectedness with the resonant source.

“There is a primal longing within us seeking to connect and feel resonance from the life force outside of us.”— MYSTIC MAMMA.png

We could liken the process to looking in a mirror; we and the resonant source align, come into sync, reflecting and reinforcing each other.

Resonance feels like a merging, a deep understanding, a harmonious congruity. A resonant source engages, holds and captivates us; it speaks to our soul – the very core of who we are below all of the layers, personas, and conditioned paradigms through which we have grown accustomed to viewing and making sense of the world. In an instant our perspective can shift, allowing us to experience life with depth and intensity.

A resonant source can touch us in a way that feels deeply profound, magical even, and we cannot always reduce the experience to an explanation through word but we are changed by the interaction nonetheless. It can feel as though a blanket to our soul has been unsheathed. Or maybe our relationship to the Self has evolved through resonance to a deeper sense of knowing and self-understanding.

Resonance can feel empowering for we can honour connection through intuitive knowing over empirical knowledge. We need not entirely rely upon past experience and scientific ‘fact’ in order to make sense of the world before us.

Utility of resonance

Resonance can transform people, groups, and entire communities.

Aside from adding depth and richness to experience of life, resonance can induce sudden clarity and moving insight into what it means to be human or how to make sense of the world around us or a particular vexing problem currently faced in our lives.

In ‘The Path’, Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh explain that ‘music, poetry, art, and literature are composed of discrete elements such as words, notes, rhythms, and colours. The more we immerse ourselves in them, the more we understand how seemingly discrete things resonate with one another’ and therefore become interconnected. When we fully engage with life we can begin to understand how everything is interconnected.

The theory of resonance suggests that like frequencies amplify and reinforce one another. Causes and campaigns with meaning gain momentum as they resonate with the values held deep within conscious communities around the world. This leads to positive change and healing transformation.

We need not resonate with the same resonant source for the experience of resonance to connect us. When we speak of what resonates with us, what we intuitively know to be true based upon our own unique life experiences, but which are irrefutably based upon common emotions and thoughts, we can connect with others. We have authentically expressed a little of who we are and have embraced our vulnerability, which is both empowering and endearing. Resonance on this level can lead to the healing of separation and division between individuals, groups and entire communities of people. Therefore the magic of connection through resonance can transcend disconnection, anguish, isolation, delusion, fear, anger, suffering, injustice, repression and distrust.

begin resonating


Slow down.

Reduce distractions. Be present. 

Cultivate an open, curious mind.

Read books. Listen to music. Consume art. Move your body. Tune your senses in to the world around you. Let simple everyday experiences become the gateway to new thoughts, musings, and inspirations. Engage in conversation beyond small talk. 

Repeat Stage two - Be present. Always

Contemplate, reflect, consider, embrace questions and then question the answers.

What resonates with you? How does the resonant source stir you? In what way does the resonant source connect you to your Self, the world around you, or another? What feelings, thoughts, and rememberings do you experience? 

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Feel into the sense of connection, community, enrichment, positive transformation, and personal growth that you are cultivating.