five steps to simply be

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'The world of doing is busy and loud and the people who live there like it that way. In the world of doing, noise and agitation mean things are getting done.

In the world of being, things tend to get done with silence and stillness. In the world of being, we are happy to live without many of the things that are needed in the world of doing. In fact, very few things turn out to be absolutely necessary, which saves us a lot of time and energy. In the world of being, listening is necessary, as are learning to forgive, saying 'I love you', laughing, and spending time on activities whose only purpose is the experience of joy.

The world of doing cares only for what can be seen; the world of being flows from the unseen world of feeling

- inspired by rolf gates



because, we are human beings after all

I resonate with many of Gates' meditations and found solace between the covers of his first book 'Meditations from the Mat' during the months of recovery and healing that followed my break-down. It may, upon reflection, have been the book that inspired me to start journalling my thoughts as a form of catharsis.

This extract (from his second book) resonates with me because it shines a light on the undervalued act of simply being rather than constantly doing - because, we are human beings after all. These words of wisdom made me question; am I too sometimes guilty of valuing the 'seen' over the 'unseen'? 

During the launch of THE RESONANCE COLLECTIVE there were days when I felt that I just needed to step away from the laptop and to head to the beach with a good book and carton on coconut water. Rather than congratulating myself on the ability to recognise the need for a break I would often feel guilty and anxious about how little I had 'achieved' during those days. 

Much of the time and energy invested in our work is spent doing. Our never-ending 'to do' lists keep us busy. We spend a great deal of time talking to others about what needs to be done or explaining what it is that we are doing. Just as we think we are nearing the end of a task we are distracted by something else that now also needs to be done

The truth is that our work will never be done, so if we spend our lives constantly doing there's a danger that we'll become 'bogged down', overwhelmed, and exhausted. Calving out time to just be creates space for the development of fresh perspectives, new sources of inspiration and creativity, and the time and energy to embark on different opportunities and exciting experiences. 

The human ego is conditioned to place more importance on the 'seen' rather than the 'unseen'. It values progress, tangible results, recognised achievement, and output highly and struggles to see the importance of 'silent', 'unseen' achievements. It was my ego that valued the 'success' of my day based upon my physical output of work. Simply recognising this, whilst also understanding the importance of balance in all things, is a huge step towards living a more resonant, connected life. 

Click here to download a FREE guided meditation designed to have you creating some much needed calm inner space and clarity, and check out the list below of my five-steps to simply be (inspired by Rolf Gates). 

In the world of being, listening is necessary, as are learning to forgive, saying 'I love you', laughing, and spending time on activities whose only purpose is the experience of joy. (2).png

five steps to simply be... 

  1. Listen. Do you need to take a break from what it is that you are doing? If the answer is yes, then it's time to exercise some...

  2. Acceptance. You have acknowledged that you need a break from doing and so grant yourself the permission to simply be without attaching guilt or anxiety to that need. Success at whatever it is that you have been busy doing requires being well and happy. And, to be well and happy involves cultivating balance. Accept that you need to take a break and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

  3. Compassion. Acceptance involves being compassionate. Stop being so hard on yourself.

  4. Laughter. Don't take your work and your current life situation too seriously.

  5. Joy. 'Spend time on activities whose only purpose is the experience of joy'. I know there is a paradox here in that activities often also involve doing but the difference here is that the sole purpose of this doing is to feel joy*. What does joy feel like to you? What lights you up? Where do you feel most content and tuned in? What do you love to do? What does your mind and body need in this moment?

and remember...

Image courtesy of  vilicity

Image courtesy of vilicity

Living a resonant life does not mean being perfect, it means being connected to your sense of Self so that you are able to recognise...

  • what it is that is causing you to feel the way that you do,

  • why it is that you are experience those feelings, and...

  • what it is that you can do to create more of that desired feeling or how to banish an undesired feeling.

Living a resonant life involves living from a place of self-understanding and awareness. You are mindful of what you are feeling and recognise that you have control over whether you continue to feel that way or not. 

Resonant Source: based* upon a passage in 'Meditations on Intention and Being' by Rolf Gates.

*The wording of this resonant source has been adapted following a period of reflection by the author of this article; however, the underlying meaning remains unchanged.