THE RESONANCE COLLECTIVE is an approach to life and living that inspires personal growth, connection, and wellbeing.


What is a resonant life?

A resonant life is a connected life. When you live with resonance you feel connected to your Self, your work, your relationships, and the world around you. 

How to live with resonance?

You cannot connect with your life and others in a rich and meaningful way if you feel disconnected from your sense of Self? Do you know what it is that you want? What do you dream of most? Do you have a healthy understanding of what it is that you like and don't like? Do you feel well, balanced and happy on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level? If these questions overwhelm you then it's time to undertake some exploratory work. This involves cultivating a curious mind, engaging with the world around you, and then contemplating and reflecting upon your findings. This is the PERSONAL GROWTH stage of your journey.

Next is the CONNECTION stage of the process. THE RESONANCE COLLECTIVE inspires the taking of action that connects you to your sense of Self, to your work, to others, and to your environment. 

The final stage of the journey is WELLBEING. This is what you will experience and enjoy when you begin to live a life that resonates with your truth. 

To find out more about the power of resonance, read this

There is a primal longing from the Life force within us, seeking to connect and feel a resonance with the Life force outside of us.
— mystic mamma

the story behind the story

THE RESONANCE COLLECTIVE was founded by Laura Gwilliam; former city lawyer turned yoga teacher and writer. It was whilst journeying deeper into her yoga practice that Laura was inspired by the insights gained on the path of 'svadhyaya' - the path of self-study. Plagued by confusion, overwhelm and a sense of 'what is this all for?' she began to question everything from 'Who am I? What is it that I want in this life? Why do I keep setting myself all of these goals that feel empty upon attainment? What is my purpose in life? Why do I feel so lost and disconnected?'

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Through the process of curiosity, contemplation, and self-reflection, she became conscious of the ways in which she had become disconnected from herself, and from the world around her. This period of personal growth led to rich conversations being shared and enjoyed with like-minded others who had also experienced very similar feelings of being disillusioned, lost, lonely, and disconnected. She could resonant with these people; she was not alone. It was during this time that the first seed that was sown that manifested as her desire to help others who were going through what she too had experienced.

Laura continued on her journey of curiosity, contemplation and inner study in order to learn and understand more about who she was and how she could be of service to others.  She started to experience and enjoy a deep sense of connection to her sense of self, to others, and the world around her. She also started to experience some other changes, as soul, social, and situational connection results in being well - physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Laura now dedicates her energy to helping others create lives that they love - lives that feel deeply connected - lives that resonate with Soul. She offers yoga asana, meditation and philosophy classes, private yoga sessions, workshops, and ‘intensives’/retreats in beautiful locations around the world. She is also available to speak at both public and private events.

Her mission is to inspire personal growth, connection, and a sense of wellbeing in her clients. Laura is living proof that it's possible to return to life after depression and/or having suffered a burn out/break down. You can start living a connected, fulfilling, energised and rich life with purpose wherever you are currently at on your journey, and success does not need to come at cost your health or happiness. You too can live a resonant life.  

Her dream?  ' to be able to inspire the creation a community of like-minded, curious, and conscious souls who can connect with themselves, others, and their environment in order to live fuller, richer lives, and to do, feel, think and be well.'